Give Me All The Hamburgers!

Since the craving for hamburgers has been consistent through all my pregnancies I’m going to go ahead and say it’s not a baby craving, it’s my pregnant body’s craving. I must want that red meat to keep my iron levels up. It seems to work too because I haven’t had issues with anemia yet 🙂

I’ve also been back on the popcorn train. I ate a lot of it in the super early weeks, but stopped when the nausea started and it didn’t sound good until recently….now I’m happy to eat a big ol’ bowl almost every night!

On a not pregnancy related note…I’m soooo ready for spring to get here. It’s been cold and icky with random snowflakes around and I’m over it. I want my warm breeze and sunshine so we can start working outside and get the garden prepped and started. The kids have been playing outside regardless of the cold, but I know they’re ready to be able to get the hose out and run around naked LOL

There’s my quick update…I thought I’d post something other than a weekly update for a change 😀 Happy hump day all!


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