My appointment last week went great. We listened to the heartbeat which was about 150-155. My OB appointments are typically super quick and easy. I rarely have any questions or concerns and my doctor is always like “well, you look great, baby sounds good!” I am really thankful for easy appointments and hope they continue that way for the rest of the pregnancy.

Weekly Update:

How far along: 17+1

How big is baby: about the size of a chipmunk or a turnip..5- 5/12 inches long

Symptoms: Still a little lingering morning sickness that is actually in the mornings. Boobs still hurt. I can tell that she’s growing because I’m having more round ligament pain

Movement: She has been so active this last week! I feel her several times a day. She may be a very active little girl for her dads!

Sleep: Not too bad, I never feel really rested though

Miss anything? not being nauseous

Food cravings? nothing much this last week. I’m definitely eating more these days though and a lot more things sound good

Anything making you queasy or sick? still mostly eating too much

Best moment of the week? Being able to spend most of Saturday outside in the sunshine

Next appointment: OB appt on 4/17 and anatomy scan on 4/18, both of which the dads get to be present for!!

First blog bump pic!


2 thoughts on “17+1

  1. Sounds like maybe you’ve “made the turn” – fingers crossed that you’ll continue to feel better everyday – and spring weather can’t hurt either – how exciting that the Dads will be here soon!

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