13 + 2

We had a very busy (but super fun) weekend so once again I’m a little late getting this written, but such is life!

Weekly Update:

How far along: 13+2

How big is baby: about 3 inches, the size of a peach or a clown fish (Hi Nemo!)

Symptoms: I’ve still been pretty tired, but spending 3 nights this weekend sharing a hotel room with two kids doesn’t make for great sleep. Nausea was off and on this weekend, not terrible, but not great either. This morning I’ve been feeling pretty good which has been so nice. I hope it sticks around!

Movement: I noticed this weekend with being so busy that I didn’t notice her movements as much. Last night and today while I’ve been more sedentary I feel her more often.

Sleep: Not too bad. I wake up a lot to pee and start sleeping more restlessly from about 4am on (the same as last week)

Miss anything? sleeping through the night (at least once she’s here I won’t have to deal with a newborn sleep schedule LOL)

Food cravings? not really anything this last week.

Anything making you queasy or sick? definitely eating too much

Best moment of the week? Spending the weekend going to Jurassic Quest and the coast

Next appointment: Next OB appt is on 3/28

Now a few pictures from our weekend. These kiddos had so much fun. We were in Jurassic Quest for hours, which included standing in lines to do crafts, go on slides, and other rides. They didn’t have one meltdown or even little fit. They were absolute rock stars which made it easier for us to enjoy it. It also helped that my parents met us there so we had extra helping hands.

The coast was great too. The weather when we got there Sunday was decent and on Monday it was sunny without much wind which is as good as you can ask for at the Oregon Coast. Wyatt is so in his element on the beach. He would happily stay there all day if he could. Eventually he got his pants wet and was stripped down to undies and his coat LOL He would definitely prefer a tropical beach where he could actually swim in the water, but he’ll settle for Oregon beaches over no beach any day of the week.


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