Ultrasound today

The ultrasound this morning went great! The tech was so sweet, she’s my favorite thus far (I’ve seen a ton of them in the last 3 months). She has a friend who was a surrogate and her sister is going through IVF so she had an idea about the whole process. She even mentioned that she has thought about being a surrogate, but thought her two c sections would disqualify her. I let her know that they wouldn’t if she still thought she would want to do it.

Anyway back to the actual ultrasound. She spent a lot of time looking at the sub chorionic hemorrhages. She said that she thinks one of the spots isn’t actually an SCH that she thinks it’s in the placenta which wouldn’t be any sort of issue. She also said they look they’ve gotten smaller which is great. Everyone I’ve talked to (OB, 2 ultrasound techs, and 2 medical assistants) have all been so surprised I haven’t had any bleeding. Sometimes I wonder if they think I’m lying about it LOL

Baby girl is measuring 3 days ahead which is great. She was 2-3 days behind before so she must have had a growth spurt. She was a bit lazy, but made one nice big flip to go from facing my back to facing my stomach. With moves like that it’s no wonder I’m feeling her already.

I can’t wait for her dad’s to get to see the ultrasound in person. I always send them the pictures that the tech prints out, but it’s definitely a different experience to see it in person.

I can only imagine how strange it must be to know that you have a baby growing thousands of miles away. It must feel a bit surreal so hopefully when they come for the anatomy scan it can feel a bit more real.

She’s a cutie already!


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