We Have a Heartbeat!

Yesterday morning I had my second OB ultrasound and it showed baby girl’s heart in there beating away!!

I emailed B & R from the parking lot afterwards because I didn’t want them to have to wait any longer than necessary. I was a little bummed that this imaging center doesn’t actually listen to the heartbeat until after the first trimester. They measure it without hearing it so as to “disturb” the baby as little as possible since all her vital organs are developing. I appreciate the sentiment, but I so wanted to be able to send a video with their daughter’s heartbeat to B & R. In that sense it was almost anticlimactic because it’s hard to believe there was a good strong heartbeat without hearing it.

We’re all still going forward with cautiously optimistic attitudes knowing anything can happen, but as of yesterday morning things looked good.

She was measuring 2-3 days behind, but that’s considered normal for this stage. This was the first abdominal ultrasound I’ve had with this pregnancy and while I appreciate not needing a vaginal one, it definitely gives much clearer images.


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