One more test 

I had told myself I was done talking home pregnancy tests, but then I threw some more in the cart when we were grocery shopping tonight. My 8dpt (days past transfer) test wasn’t any darker than the 7dpt test so that had me a little nervous even though I know there can be a lot of different reasons for that. So when I took a test tonight and the test line turned out darker than the control line I was super happy.

Tomorrow morning I have my confirmation blood test, but the fertility clinic doesn’t usually send me the results until around 4pm. I’m feeling pretty good about what the results will be because of the way my home tests look. I think if it’s a good number we’ll be able to schedule a heartbeat confirmation ultrasound towards the end of this month. I’m so happy for R & B! I so hope this is it for them and this time next year they’ll be holding this little girl in their arms.


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