Fingers Crossed!

I know I should post a whole recap about how the actual transfer went (let’s just say that having an over full bladder and having someone push down on your bladder with an ultrasound wand is not my idea of a good time). It has just been such a whirlwind the last week. We flew home last Saturday, we’re at my parents house for a couple hours then headed out to a family Christmas party. The next day was Christmas Eve then Christmas and yesterday was our first day we got out of the house without me on modified bed rest. Hopefully I’ll get to it this week sometime.

Until then, check this out….

Dpt = days past transfer

Today is 5dpt

I’ve been talking to this little girl everyday telling her she needs to stay put and grow bug and strong because her daddies are so excited to meet her. Fingers crossed she’s my belly buddy until next September!


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