Guess What’s Happening Friday!

I haven’t mentioned that we started a new cycle yet because I didn’t want to jinx us LOL

My last update left off with me taking medication to induce more bleeding to thin my endometrial lining some more. I took the last dose on a Friday evening. It was supposed to take 5-7 days to have more bleeding. By Monday I had started spotting. Tuesday there was more, heavier spotting. I thought for sure I’d wake up Wednesday to a regular period. Wrong, it completely stopped. I was so disappointed and frustrated. I figured the 5-7 days hadn’t passed yet so I’d just have to wait.

Thursday afternoon I decided to update my nurse coordinator at the clinic. She wrote back about 5pm that the heavy spotting I had could be all the bleeding I would have and the only way to know would be to go in for an ultrasound the next morning to see. She let me know that if we decided to start it would put me at a transfer date of 12/22 and wanted to know if we could make that work. I was absolutely shocked that transferring before Christmas was even was an option. I had just assumed that the earliest it would be was the end of December/beginning of January. Nope!

I of course said we could make it work and after some stressful back and forth with the imaging place and the fertility clinic between 5:15-5:45 I got scheduled for an ultrasound Friday morning.

Friday morning I went in and my lining was 4.6mm. That’s kind of borderline for going forward. Some clinics want under 5mm some under 4mm so I just had to wait. I got an email in the later afternoon saying that we were okay to move forward.

On Friday I had woken up to an email from B & R as we typically email at least once a week. This one mentioned that B is taking a trip to visit family for Christmas and was leaving on 12/21. I didn’t reply right away because I knew they had wanted to attend the transfer and obviously the timing would throw a wrench in their plans. I didn’t want to stress them out or worry then unnecessarily if we didn’t get the green light to go ahead. Once I got the green light I sent them an email and let them know what had transpired. The problem is by the time I get the results it’s the middle of the night for them so they have to wait until morning to get any new information. I let them know that we were more than happy to make the 12/22 date work, but if they really wanted to attend we could wait and do a cycle in January. I only wanted to go with 12/22 if they wanted to. They emailed me back later saying that they’d love to go with the 12/22 date if we were okay with then not being there. Its a bummer they’ll miss it, but none of us want to wait unless we have to.

I had another ultrasound on 12/12 to make sure my lining was increasing and it measured 10.6mm (it went up 6mm in 4 days!) I was a little worried it was moving too fast, but the clinic said it looked great. My last ultrasound was on 12/15 and my lining had gone down to 9mm. I thought for sure we’d have to cancel the cycle since it had dropped, but I also knew that usually they only want it above 7 or 8mm so it was still good from that standpoint. I worried all day, but got an email around 3pm saying everything looked great and we were good to go with the transfer (pending a blood test on 12/19) on Friday!!

Last night was the last injection of Lupron

In a bit when we get home it will be time to start progesterone injections. These are ones that go in my backside 😏 wish me luck!!


2 thoughts on “Guess What’s Happening Friday!

  1. This is so exciting!! I wish you all the good luck in the world! Fingers crossed there’s no reason for you to have to wait. I can see the bummer for B and R not being present at the transfer, as I’m sure it’s exciting/stressful for them as well, but if all goes smoothly, this will only be the first of many milestones for them. 😀

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