More Pineapples!

If you haven’t already read this post you may not know that a lot of surrogates view pineapples as a sort of good luck charm. It has to do with the belief that eating pineapple, especially the core, for a few days before and after an embryo transfer can help the embryo implant. This is due the bromelain it contains. The previously mentioned post also contains a picture of the pineapple t-shirt I randomly found back in July not too long before my medical screening appointment.

When I had my ultrasound on 11/27, the one that didn’t go our way and cancelled our 12/14 transfer date, I didn’t even think about wearing my pineapple shirt like I did for my medical screening. I thought about it several days later and said I would remember to wear it to all subsequent ultrasounds, just in case. I can be a little superstitious, although I don’t go to great lengths with it because ain’t nobody got that kind of time.

Three days ago I was shopping around for a necklace to give as a Christmas gift. I was thumbing through them all and there tucked in the back was a gold pineapple necklace. It’s a bit random as we live hours from any beach and hundreds if not thousands of miles from where pineapples can grow. Nevertheless there is was. So I did the only logical thing and snatched it up, I mean it’s not going to hurt anything and I try to to be receptive to any sort of signs the universe throws my way 🙂


So this beauty will be added to the pineapple t-shirt and will accompany my to my ultrasounds and if/when we get to do an embryo transfer you can bet I’ll be wearing them both….now I just need to find some pants to go with 😀


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