Clearance (finally)!

2 months after receiving medical clearance we finally signed a final contract and are cleared to move forward with choosing a transfer date 😁😁

Next step is just waiting for the clinic to contact me (hopefully early next week) and we’ll decide on a date. Then they will send me a medication calendar so I’ll know when I need to start each IVF drug.

Because of my family schedule next August we’re waiting until mid December for the transfer so that I will be due the beginning of September. I’m not looking forward to being super pregnant in August, but I’ll certainly survive and I’m not willing to ask B&R to wait any longer even though I know they would say yes. They’ve already been gracious enough to without hesitation say okay when I asked if we could wait until December.
I’ll update again when I have a transfer date!! It’s getting so real it’s crazy 😁😁😁


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