Officially Medically Cleared!

I just realized that I never wrote a post about getting my medical clearance… oops!! Last Monday I emailed my nurse at the clinic to see if I was okay to donate blood or if I should wait. I got an automatic reply that said she was out of the office until the next day. Fairly early on Tuesday she sent me an email letting me know that I could go ahead and donate and that they had received my medical clearance!!! Woohoo! It was such a weight off my shoulders to read that! I’ve been worried that something would show up on the blood work and I wouldn’t be able to continue. Fortunately everything looked good!

So now that’s behind me and we’re moving onto the legal/contract stage. While we’re in this phase B & R are going to plan a visit to Bend to meet all of us in person! I’m so excited to meet them face to face. They’re going to be coming up with some dates that work for them and we’ll see which ones work for us.

I have selected a lawyer to represent me in the contract process. I spoke with him on the phone last Friday and he seemed like a really nice guy who will make sure I get a contract I’m comfortable with. For those who don’t know it’s very important that the GC (gestational carrier) have a lawyer separate from that of the IPs. It’s to make sure that her interests are represented and that the agreement does not take advantage of the GC. This lawyer is paid for by the IPs, but they are not the client. Last week I spoke with K (case manager at my agency) about a few contract points just to make sure that we’re all on the same page before the contract is drafted. I thought that might help minimize the back and forth with the contract. I don’t really foresee us running into any issues that will make this process longer just because we had to talk about the major things (how many embryos to transfer, termination, IP involvement, etc) before we matched and again during the psych screening. Also the compensation is set by the agency as long as other fees so there’s not really anything to negotiate there. I think it will mostly be clarification in language and that kind of thing.

I’m hoping we can get this busted out by October so I can get on meds and transfer before November 10th. If we can’t, I’ll ask if we can wait unyil mid December to transfer due to us having a very busy August next summer. Fingers crossed we get this done quickly!


3 thoughts on “Officially Medically Cleared!

  1. Congratulations!! That’s so exciting! Oh man, this whole process is such a waiting game.
    I have a question. You mention transferring embryos, and I understand that, but who’s eggs are being used? This is so fascinating! I’m glad you’re sharing your story. šŸ™‚

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    • It is definitely all about hurry up and wait. I knew that going in, but it’s still hard to be patient! The embryos were created using and egg donor. That was the first step in the process for my IFs. They had to chose an egg donor, have her go through an egg retrieval cycle, then the embryos were created. Once they developed to a certain point they were frozen. It’s truly amazing to me that this can all be done. Yay for science! LOL


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