New Luggage

I used the excuse of my upcoming trip to Vegas for my medical screening appointment to buy some new luggage. The luggage we have is almost 9 years old and it’s falling apart. Typically we fly Alaskan and they are not at all strict about the size of your carry on. However, this trip I’ll be flying Delta and United and I know they are much more strict about carry ons. That was another reason I needed new luggage! I don’t want to have to check bags on this trip so I ordered this super set that it the correct size for me to carry them on

It showed up today and it’s even cuter in person! I’ excited to use it on Monday!

I’m super nervous about this appointment. I’m so worried that there’s something going on in my uterus that I don’t know about or that my blood work will be out of whack or something. Keep your fingers crossed for me that everything looks good because I really want to be able to help my amazing IFs fulfill their dream!


3 thoughts on “New Luggage

  1. There’s just something happy about new luggage! I hope you went by measurements and not the luggage company saying “of course these are carry on size!” Each airline has different size requirements. How diverse of them. :-/

    Fingers crossed!! I hope it all goes well!

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