We’re not crazy, right?

Not anymore so than any other couple with two young children at least. We’ll find out Wednesday afternoon. The husband and I have our evaluation with the psychologist Wednesday at 3:30. Yesterday I had to fill out the PAI (Personality Assessment Inventory). It was 344 questions, a lot of them repetitive or the same question worded just a little differently. I’d be interested to see what the results showed, but I doubt I’ll be sent a copy of them.

I’ve been waiting since last Monday for the fertility clinic to email or call me so we can get an appointment set up. I was hoping I’d be able to go down there before we head out on vacation on the 20th, but since they’re taking their sweet time I don’t see that happening. The delay in hearing from them is making me worry that they’re seeing something in my records that they don’t like. I did have gestational diabetes with my daughter, but it was very easily diet controlled (to be honest I’m pretty convinced that the lab screwed up my numbers on the 3 hour glucose test, but I can’t prove it obviously). I was also on Clomid for 3-4 cycles while trying to get pregnant with my son and some RE’s think that may have some effect on the uterine lining. The other thing they might be hung up about is that I’ve used the Mirena IUD in the past. Some RE’s think that the use of that particular IUD can cause uterus to not respond favorably to the meds that are used to thicken the uterine lining before transfer. Of course I have no idea if they’re hung up on any of those things because they have yet to contact me. I know that waiting is a HUGE part of surrogacy, and really the waiting would be fine if I knew what was going on. If I have a light at the end of the tunnel, like a date I’m waiting for, I’m much better at not getting stressed about it. However, when I’m left in the dark wondering if they’re going to shut me down before they even see me it stresses me out a bit. Not only did they not contact me today (after a second email from K my case manager), but since tomorrow is the 4th of July I’m sure they’ll be out of the office until at least Wednesday. Thursday will be exactly 2 weeks before we head out on vacation so being able to squeeze it in before them is going to be basically impossible. I guess I’ll aim for pretty much as soon as we get back.

Happy Independence Day for all you Americans!


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