Maybe a Match?

Yesterday, much sooner than I expected, I received the profile for the IFs (intended fathers) the agency had in mind for me. Despite not actually expecting to hear anything until next week I jump for my phone whenever it dinged with a new email. About 10 minutes before I had to jump in the car to go donate blood it showed up in my inbox. “Introducing…” Cue the adrenaline and excitement! I couldn’t open it fast enough.

In the note from A (surrogate coordinator) she said that the IFs had reviewed my profile and basically said they really liked me and my story. They asked that their info be passed along to me to see if I would want to move forward with a video meeting. They had written a very sweet letter to their potential carrier that described them, their families, and why they want a child of their own. They included a couple pictures of themselves as well. It was great to finally put faces to the potential IFs that have been floating around in my imagination. I also received a note from T (who did our home visit) that said these are some of her absolute favorite IFs ever. Just from what I read in their letter they seem so kind and committed to family, any child would be so loved and lucky to have them for dads.

A said that I should take a day or two (less if I was sure) and then let her know if I wanted to move forward with a video meeting. I was immediately ready to write her back “yes! yes! yes!”, but thought I should at least give AJ an opportunity to look over their info as well so I forwarded it to him. Then when I got to the blood donation center I texted him to ask if he had gotten it LOL. I made sure he was on board and then I emailed back saying “Yes! I definitely want to move forward”.

All this was taking place while I was getting checked into the Red Cross and if you’ve never donated blood before they require your pulse to be under 100 in order to donate. My pulse has always ran high anyway, but now we were adding in the fact that I was seriously pumped up! Luckily for me I don’t think the girl taking my pulse counted right and I was under the threshold LOL

I had kind of expected to hear something back today about getting the Skype session scheduled since I had emailed back around noon yesterday. She’s either out of the office or she had other stuff to attend to because I didn’t receive any new info (I actually checked 4 or 5 times to make sure that I had in fact sent the email yesterday). Hopefully next week we can set the session scheduled and then I can spend the time in between being completely nervous and excited. I can be so socially awkward when I’m nervous and I really really hope I don’t do something terribly embarrassing :-/ I would hate for them to not want to move forward because I can be a bumbling dork sometimes LOL

I’m feeling very lucky that we have a full weekend ahead so that the waiting doesn’t drag on. To be honest we’re pretty busy from now until the end of summer πŸ™‚

Happy weekending!


5 thoughts on “Maybe a Match?

  1. Thats so amazing!! If the transfer my husband and I just did fails we are moving forward with surrogacy. Its so lovely to see your side and how excited you are to give a deserving couple a baby. You are a great person. I wish you the best of luck with being matched. I look forward to reading more as your story unfolds! ❀

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    • I’ve been following your story and I have my fingers (and toes!) crossed for you guys! It’s funny to me how I can be anxious for ultrasound results for someone I’ve never even met LOL Good luck to you and your husband! You guys have been through the ringer and I truly hope this is the happy ending you deserve ☺️


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