Home Visit? Check!

Monday we had our home visit with T from the agency. It went great, she was so sweet and my son was absolutely infatuated. At the end he was telling her she couldn’t leave without having dinner (it was noon) and he told her that she could stay and sleep in his bed if she wanted to spend the night. Oh and I think he threw in an “I love you” and asked her if she would always remember him…I think we may be in trouble with that one in a few years!

The home visit basically consisted of her going over some of my answer to application questions, what made me want to be a surrogate, what kind of parents am I willing to work with, how many embryos would I want to transfer, those kind of things. One thing I thought was interesting, I had said that I was willing to work with any type of parents, single, married, gay, straight, doesn’t matter to me.  She asked me specifically if I would be willing to work with a single father, I said “of course.” She said that a lot of surrogates say no to a single dad, even those who say they’re open to any parent(s) will balk when she specifically asks about a single father. I found that a little odd, obviously it’s whatever the surrogate is comfortable with, but I can’t imagine denying a child to someone who obviously has a strong desire to be a parent because they happen to be a single man. Weird.

The other type of parent(s) she said a lot of surrogates say no to is international couples. I would LOVE to work with an international couple, I think it would be such a great experience. In fact when she asked if I any type of preference or what my ideal situation would be I said carrying for an international gay couple would be it.

I’m glad to have the home visit out of the way so I don’t have to worry about keeping the house cleaned up. It did make us take the time to do some spring cleaning though so there’s the silver lining.

The next thing I have lined up is an insurance review scheduled in about 40 minutes. The agency hires an independent company that specializes in reviewing insurance policies to determine any IVF/Surrogacy coverage. The company is going to call me then patch in my insurance company so I can give them the okay to discuss my insurance coverage with the 3 party reviewer. I already know that my insurance won’t cover my pregnancy if I’m acting as a surrogate. They have a very specific line under the exclusions referring to it so this review is just a formality.

I’m going to email the agency in a minute to find out what the next step is after the insurance stuff. I’m hoping we can move on to matching, but we may need to do a psych eval first. I’m so ready to start the matching process I hope we can get to it soon!



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