Come on CD 1

When I first applied to become a surrogate last summer A (surrogate recruiter at the agency) mentioned that RE’s (reproductive endocrinologist) prefer that surrogates not have an IUD (which I did at that time) because there’s some preliminary research and anecdotal evidence that suggests IUDs may cause a woman to have a thinner uterine lining. So at that time I went ahead and had my IUD removed and I started back on the pill.  Then because we had a couple vacations planned, my surrogacy journey was postponed until now. After a couple months of being back on BCP (birth control pills) I realized that I was constantly feeling nauseous, like I had morning sickness. By that time AJ had already had a vasectomy and I was only taking the birth control because it was the kind where you only get a period every 3 months and the fewer the better 😛 Since it was making me constantly nauseous I stopped taking it.

Apparently my body forgot what it was supposed to be doing or it realized that we don’t need anymore rascals of our own so it decided it didn’t need to keep any sort of schedule. My cycles have been all over the page which was fine for awhile because it didn’t really matter when I ovulated or had a period. Now that I’m back into actively pursuing surrogacy I need to get on regular, monthly BCPs so that we can anticipate when CD (cycle day) 1 will be so when I’m ready to start meds for a transfer we can have an idea when I will need to start meds and when a transfer may be scheduled for.

A told me that most RE’s like a surrogate to have been on BCP for two cycles before a transfer. I would like to be ready for a transfer in August….and as of now I’m on CD 58 :/ seriously? One of the few times I’m actually looking forward to CD1 and it’s being elusive. I keep thinking that I’m having PMS symptoms or cramps and then nothing comes of it. It’s frustrating because I want to be doing something to move this journey along and for today there’s nothing I can do except wait for the home visit on Monday. Just another opportunity to practice patience 😛


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