Current Status

Here’s where I’m at in the “becoming a surrogate” process. I’ve been accepted by an agency based out of MD. I went with them for a few different reasons. They have stellar reviews on multiple sites and from current and past surrogates in different Facebook groups. Their philosophy is that everyone can have a family and that really spoke to me. As I mentioned before, I’ve felt a particular calling recently to help a gay couple have a baby so that mission statement from them hit me in the heart. From my first contact with A, their surrogate coordinator/recruiter they have been great to work with. They are friendly, helpful, and always willing to answer all my questions. Also, they were willing to work with me even though I had gestational diabetes with my last pregnancy. For some agencies that disqualifies me even though it was diet controlled and caused no complications. The agency let me know that because it was completely diet controlled (and didn’t even require a strict diet) that I still qualify with them (this was huge for me as I was so worried when I was diagnosed with GD that it would be the end of my surrogacy journey).

So, I’ve been accepted, what does that mean? They have my records, info, and we have had a couple talks on the phone. At this point we are working on getting a home visit scheduled, hopefully the first week in June. From there we’ll get into matching and there’s no knowing how long that might take. Then it’s medical clearance. Somewhere in there there’s a psych eval as well. After the medical and psych clearance it’s onto contracts then we start either a mock cycle or a transfer cycle. There’s probably some steps I’m missing, but that’s the general idea.

A emailed me about some potential IPs (intended parents) and honestly they sound amazing. They’re an international gay couple. They were previously matched, but their GC (gestational carrier) didn’t work out so they’re searching again. A had wonderful things to say about them and I immediately said “Yes!! I would definitely be interested in talking to them!” I’m really trying not to get my hopes up yet, but this is exactly the type of couple/situation I’ve been hoping for. It would be so amazing if this worked out. I would love to be able to transfer in August or September.

So that’s where I’m at, learning how to hurry up and wait 🙂 in the interim I’ve been reading through surrogacy blogs and they have me so excited to really get this journey started!


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